Marcela Soto PratsNutritionist

Marcela Margarita Soto Prats



Marcela Soto Prats is a Nutritionist and Dietitian, with a specialisation in Sports Nutrition. She earned her undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Costa Rica in 2008, then completed her master’s degree in Integrative Health and Human Movement in the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica in 2010 and a postgraduate degree in Integral Health and Human Movement with an emphasis in Athletes and Sports Nutrition.

“The ones who say you can’t and you won’t are probably the ones scared that you will, every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”


  • Undergraduate Degree in Human Nutrition, University of Costa Rice, 2008
  • Master’s Degree Integrative Health and Human Movement with emphasis on Athletes and Sports Nutrition, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rice, 2010


  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight Loss and Detox Programs


  • Published articles in Journal of Food Science
  • Private Nutritionist for Top Athletes – weight loss, detox and sports nutrition
  • Nutritionist in fitness gyms, cross-fit gyms, boxing, MMA and Muay Thai gyms.
  • Professional Muay Thai Fighter, 10 years experience

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